If you are looking for a lawyer for your injury case, ask these questions, and then make sure we talk before you sign:

When do I get to talk to the lawyer who was in the commercial?

Why do you charge 40% attorneys fees without ever filing a lawsuit when you only take cases where there is no doubt liability, and won’t take any cases with “problems”?

How many cases a month do you have to settle to pay your advertising budget?

Will you charge me any fees or costs for the other people who contact me about or worked on my case?

What “formula” do you use for settling injury and wreck cases?

Will you settle my case for less so that you get money to pay for advertising because you hope to get someone else’s bigger case?

What do you mean when you say you’re going to “fight” with insurance companies?

Does that take longer to settle my case or make it quicker?

What do you mean by “the insurance company knows we mean business”?

Do you ever tell clients “that’s all the insurance company will pay” to get a client to settle without even trying to file a lawsuit?

Will you be filing my lawsuit if we don’t settle this case or will someone else, like some lawyer I’ve never talked to, file my law suit?

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