Jim Corbett

Attorney, Mediator, and Communicator

Advocate Counselor Wordsmith

I work to solve issues at trial, in mediation, and on the phone. Sometimes I make presentations to a Mediator, sometimes I am the Mediator finding a common solution. While serving as a Special Referee and as a Law Clerk for a Circuit Court Judge, I also learned what it takes to make a decision. My journalism experience has trained me to speak well and write effectively. As a law clerk I learned what Judges and juries want when considering important and complex issues. My clients can be individuals and small businesses. Client issues can lead to a trial, a hearing, a mediation, or just a conference.

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Practice Areas

Car accidents, Truck Accidents, Worker’s Comp, Products Liability, Slip and Fall

Death of a loved one? Call.

Protecting Your Assets: Wills, Trusts, Estate Administration, and Powers of Attorney

Fraud, Negligence, and Contract

Mold, Gas, and Other Exposures

Workers Comp claims & lawsuits

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This is why people need an experienced lawyer who, like me, can handle a wrongful death claim like this tragic death of a man, Kenneth Charles Shuman, Jr., who was tragically struck and killed on the roadway while working. https://www.thestate.com/news/traffic/article281528648.html. The lawyer ...