New Image Communication

Words matter. Become a better communicator with Jim. His vast experience using the spoken and written word will help you say what you want to say in fewer and better words. From learning how to write an outline of a surprise 5:00 talk on a napkin while lunch is finishing up, or jotting down 6-8 key words kept within eyesight to remind you HOW to BEST say and emphasize what you are saying, Jim will make speaking to people real and simple. He can show you how to write to the audience you want in the manner that you select. Jim trained as a journalist in college and learned objective reporting for newspaper, television and radio. He became an award winning radio anchor/reporter and guest interviewer on television as a professional and branched out into contemporaneous speaking, doing play by play on radio and then television.

After law school Jim began to write and speak for clients to opposing lawyers, Judges and Juries, taught at Midlands Tech and USC’s evening courses and wrote for a sports web site, all while continuing his freelance broadcasting. Jim became involved in political campaigns, ran for office himself,. All this has taught him the importance of words and turning a phrase – and now he can teach you techniques to improve your communication skills.

Jim is now ready to help you turn your ideas and words into memorable phrases and concepts that communicate exactly what you want to say in a clear, simple and memorable way. Let Jim be your Wordsmith and teach you how to perfect your own speaking and writing style and techniques. Words matter.