Has a loved one had their money spent by some one else or for some one else in their later years? Has a loved one's Will been changed in the final months or days of their life in a way you just can't believe? Does it look like someone made your loved one do any of this? Please contact me to get to the truth and have you treated fairly. Your loved one did not earn and save and protect their assets so that a selfish person could take advantage of an elderly or feeble loved one and get it all, or more than they were due.

I have been appearing in the Probate Courts since my first year of practice in 1989. As a litigator who has prepared Wills, Trusts, filed for clients to become Guardian and Conservator and litigated knock down, drag-out Will and Estate contests, I can get to the bottom of it and put you back on top of the list either through a trial, or settlement or mediation where we show the wrongdoer what we will show the Court.