When a worker is injured on the job the worker has a Worker’s Compensation claim. The worker may also have grounds for a lawsuit against a non-employer. For over 33 years I have handled Workers Comp claims, including permanent and total disability cases and death claims.

A Worker’s Comp claim is a “no fault” claim while a lawsuit requires us to prove fault. But there are defenses that can lead to denial of a Workers Comp claim. Let’s get started right away to get on the right track and guard against anything that will delay your claim and receiving your Workers Comp benefits.

Worker’s Compensation benefits generally include payment of medical bills, 2/3rds your average weekly wage while fully out with the injury, and for any permanent impairment payment is made according to a formula that can be very complex.

Notice to the employer is required to start a claim. You want make sure to name all parts of your body affected by the injury and get full treatment started right away, so its important to call me right after the injury to get things started.

If you are injured on the job and have serious or permanent injury, or are out of work for at least one week, just call or email me for an appointment to plan what is best for you. Please call (803) 765-2968 or email me at [email protected].