Your Best Damages: Telling Your Story

What are your real damages from a car wreck? How do you make the insurance company, lawyer or jury listen? Sometimes the most important question really is: which insurance company?  How do you best tell your story of pain and  suffering, lost wages, medical bills incurred, and all the hassles of the injured by someone else’s wrong doing so that you are properly compensated rather than ignored? Use an experienced story teller. In my more than 25 years of practicing law I have found that we don’t want to talk about every little thing that bothers us, hurts us, or interferes with our lives after an injury. Therefore I rely on the ones closest to you to tell complete story; how long did you avoid working in the yard, picking up children, walking up stairs, exercising, or even typical driving. I like to get short written statements from a husband about how a car wreck affected a wife and vice versa. I have an adult son or daughter write about how a parent was different after car wreck, and for how long. Every lawyer is different. Some were simply send medical records with a short letter stating there was an accident  and sets an amount. I’m different. I know that I have to tell your story to someone else the moment that you walk in my office. A good lawyer needs to start to compose your story in their head from the moment you walk in the door, in a series of phone calls and letters through depositions, mediation and even trial. How your story is told makes a big difference in whether you receive enough compensation to settle or even have to file a lawsuit to receive adequate damages. Be ready to work with your lawyer from the first visit.

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