Clients need an experienced lawyer who, like me, can handle a Wrongful Death claim and a Worker’s Compensation claim when a tragic death happens to someone while working.  Here is one such scenario. https://www.thestate.com/news/traffic/article281528648.html.

The lawyer assisting the family will at least have to know how to open an Estate and the complexities involving children and minor children, and the lack of a spouse. The attorney will have to carefully navigate the differences between a Workers Compensation claim and the Wrongful Death/Negligence claims at the same time, and in the proper order, or risk losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Payments for medical expenses and liens for medical care have to be assessed and negotiated without giving in to the ”easy” fix that can result in the loss of considerable funds for the beneficiaries. Conservatorship(s) may have to be set up and structured settlements may be offered that have to be carefully evaluated and proper decisions made.

Then there is the issue of proving damages, making people in charge of settling the case, or the jury, understand the value of human life and the loss others suffer when a life is lost.

I have handled cases in all of these areas for years and I am comfortable with the interplay between the competing interests and different types of Court procedures.. 

And an attorney must be ready to file suit, and to bring the case to trial to get the best recovery. I have filed claims and lawsuits and gone to court my entire legal career of over 24 years. This is the type of case I can well serve the loved ones in this unfortunate situation. 

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