Forming an LLC is easy, however, don’t be fooled.  I plan with you to make sure you are compensated for your time and effort spent on your business without letting your efforts enrich someone else who does not work as hard. If you have an LLC with more than one person, even a spouse, you need the protection of an LLC Operating Agreement. If you want to divide up ownership into percentages to fairly distribute the power and the compensation, a Closely Held Corporation may be the correct entity to form. Ownership of trademarks, patents and even copy rights should be carefully thought through, and all angles considered. My philosophy is that in the beginning of a business you should be planning for the end of the business, or your relationship to it. A fair “Buy/Sell Agreement” can be the firm foundation for a lasting and positive business relationship. There should be no surprises and major issues later, just adjustments to the plan. That way, you can concentrate on running your business not fearing for your future.

I can review and prepare contracts, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, even franchise agreements. When issue arise, I have the litigation experience to force the issue to a resolution or protect your rights through the courts, whether at trial or in a mediation.